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Gideon Underwood

spouse: Mary DOHONEY

NAME.................... Gideon UNDERWOOD
BIRTH/PLACE/RECORDS..... 1768 Madison Co VA
DIED/PLACE/BURIAL....... abt NOV 1824 Franklin Co KY
PARENTS NAME............ Jonathan UNDERWOOD and Margaret OFFILL
GRANDPARENTS............ Nathan UNDERWOOD and Elizabeth ANDERSON

> WIFE.................. Mary DOHONEY
DIED/PLACE/BURIAL....... bef 1833 KY
PARENTS NAME............ Thomas DOHONEY and Hannah RHODES

CHILDREN................ 7 children


* CHILD 1............... Valentine UNDERWOOD b 1795 VA
MARRIAGE................. (1)Hannah unk b abt 1809 MO d bef MAR 1854 MO
                          (2)Sarah EADES 31 MAR 1854 Ste.Genevieve Co MO
                                        b abt 1816
DIED/PLACE/BURIAL........ bef 24 JUL 1855 Ste.Genevieve MO
CHILDREN................. all by Hannah
                          1. George W.UNDERWOOD b 1831 Ste.Genevieve Co MO
                                               d Beauvais Twp, Ste.Genevieve Co MO
                                        Pvt 8th Bn MO Inf Co F, CSA
                               m Elizabeth BEARD 15 FEB 1857 Ste. Genevieve Co MO
                                              b 1839 MO
                                  dau of John S.BEARD and Lucinda unk
                                          b 1797 NC        b 3 JUN 1811 MO d 16 APR 1856 MO
                                                           bur Beard Cem Ste.Gen.Co MO
                                1. John UNDERWOOD b 1859 Ste.Genevieve Co MO

                          2. James UNDERWOOD b MAR 1835 Ste.Genevieve Co MO
                                             d bet 1900-1910 Kansas City, Jackson Co MO
                               m1 Emaline KENNER 20 SEP 1858 Ste.Genevieve Co MO
                               m2 Manerva (Manoxa) unk abt 1860 b DEC 1836 MO
                                  1. Edmond UNDERWOOD b NOV 1861 MO
                                       m Eliza unk abt 1890 b APR 1868 KS
                                         1. James H. UNDERWOOD b AUG 1891 MO
                                         2. Ralph E. UNDERWOOD b NOV 1893 MO

                                  2. Nancy (Nanny) E. UNDERWOOD b JUN 1864 MO
                                       m Bryan NEEDHAM abt 1893 MO b OCT 1853 AL
                                          1. Manoxa NEEDHAM b MAR 1894 MO
                                          2. George W.NEEDHAM b FEB 1896 MO
                                          3. Fred W. NEEDHAM b MAR 1898 MO
                                          4. Iva     NEEDHAM b JAN 1900 MO

                                 3. Frederick (Frank) UNDERWOOD b OCT 1867 MO

                                 4. William J.L. (Archy) UNDERWOOD b AUG 1871 MO
                                       m Rosi Z. STEVENSON  abt 1895 b APR 1877 MO
                                          1. Francis M.UNDERWOOD b SEP 1898 MO
                                          2. Ruth E.   UNDERWOOD b 1901 MO
                                          3. Nancy M.  UNDERWOOD b 1903 MO
                                          4. William J.UNDERWOOD Jr. b 1908 MO

                          3. William UNDERWOOD b abt 1837 Ste. Genevieve Co MO
                                    Cpl 8th Bn MO Inf Co F, CSA
                               m1 Sophia A. unk
                                1. Nancy J. UNDERWOOD b DEC 1859 MO
                               m2 Ellen unk b 1841 IL
                                1. Joseph E.UNDERWOOD b SEP 1866 MO
                                       Farmer, Street Car Co worker, Lineman
                                     m Maggie L. unk abt 1894 MO
                                                    b SEP 1873 MO
                                      1. Laura UNDERWOOD b AUG 1894 MO
                                      2. William Glen UNDERWOOD b SEP 1896 MO
                                      3. Edwin Lee UNDERWOOD b DEC 1898 MO
                                      4. Mary E.UNDERWOOD b abt 1901 MO
                                      5. Ernest M.UNDERWOOD b abt 1903 MO
                                      6. Emmett R.UNDERWOOD b abt 1906 MO
                                      7. Frances M.UNDERWOOD b JAN 1909 MO
                                2. Harry  UNDERWOOD b 1868 IL
                                3. Ettie  UNDERWOOD b 1871 MO

                          4. Charles UNDERWOOD b abt 1838 Ste.Genevieve Co MO
                          5. Francis UNDERWOOD b abt 1840 Ste.Genevieve Co MO
                          6. Nancy M.UNDERWOOD b OCT 1841 Ste.Genevieve Co MO
                               m Ulysses POWELL 15 NOV 1863 Ste.Genevieve Co MO
                                               b SEP 1837 MO d bef 1910 TX
                                  son of John M.POWELL and Harriet unk
                                          b 1811 VA         b 1819 MO
                                1. Thomas M. POWELL b     1864 IL
                                2. Patrick E.POWELL b     1868 IL
                                3. H.A.(dau) POWELL b     1870 IL
                                4. Hannah R. POWELL b     1872 IL
                                5. John W.   POWELL b     1875 IL
                                6. Caroline L.POWELL b APR 1879 IL
                                7. Valentine POWELL b JUN 1880 TX
                                8. Lottie    POWELL b JUN 1882 TX
                                9. Grover C. POWELL b JAN 1885 TX

                          7. Thomas UNDERWOOD b abt 1843 Ste.Genevieve Co MO

 notes: 1822 Cape Girardeau MO Tax List
          Valentine Underwood
        1830 Perry Co MO, Public Monies Received
          Valentine Underwood, 9 OCT 1830, instrument-certificate
        1840 Ste. Genevieve Co
          Volentine Underwood 23---- 1------ -----1 (7 total)
        1850 Ste. Genevieve Co, Beauvais Twp MO
          Valentine, 55, VA
          Hannah, 41, MO
          George, 17, MO
          James, 15, MO
          William, 13, MO
          Charles, 12, MO
          Francis, 10, MO
          Nancy, 8, MO
          Thomas, 6, MO
        1850 Ste. Genevieve Co, Beauvais Twp MO
          John S.BEARD family, John M.POWELL family.
        1850 Ste. Genevieve Co, Beauvais Twp MO Slave schedule
          Pg 5: Valentine Underwood;5 slaves.
          Pg 4: John M.Powell;7 slaves. John S.Beard;1 slave.
        1855, 24 JUL, George W.Underwood rec's for his father Valentine
        1860 Ste.Genevieve Co, Saline Twp MO Pg 318
          Hiram ALEXANDER family. After Valentines death, Sarah married Hiram Alexander on
          25 JAN 1858 in Ste.Genevieve. Hiram was from St.Francois Co MO.
        1860 Ste.Genevieve Co, Beauvais Twp MO Pg 329
         George, wife and child, as well as brothers Charles and Thomas. Thomas is also
        listed in Saline Twp, Pg 312 in the Gilley LABAGH household, age 16, as a farm laborer.
        1860 Ste.Genevieve Co, Saline Twp MO Pg 319
         Nancy, a servant in the Thomas and Louisa BRYANT household.
        1860 Holt Co, Lewis Twp, MO Pg 205
         William, wife and child, as well as nephew John, living in the John and Catherine
         STRICKLAND household.
        1870 Ralls Co, Jasper Twp MO Pg 41
         James UNDERWOOD family. (listed as Underwood, JW)
        1870 Ralls Co, Salt River Twp MO Pg 83
         William UNDERWOOD (age 30, b KY) family.
        1880 Jackson Co, Kansas City MO Pg 181D
         James UNDERWOOD family. (listed as Underwood, Jas.)
        1880 Audrain Co, Prairie Twp MO Pg 76C
         William UNDERWOOD and family.
        1880 Ste.Genevieve Co, Beavais Twp MO Pg 607C
         Thomas UNDERWOOD, teacher, living in John AMSLER household.
        1880 Montague TX Pg 396D
         Ulysses POWELL family. Listed as "other"; Florence UNDERWOOD, b 1852 MO
        1900 Jackson Co, Kansas City MO Pg 217/218
         James UNDERWOOD family
        1900 Donley Co TX, Pg 294
         Ulysses POWELL family.
        1910 Jackson Co, Kansas City MO Pg 164
         William UNDERWOOD (son of James) family with mother Manoxa.
        1910 Donley Co TX, Pg 152
         Nancy POWELL, widowed, with sons Thomas and Grover.
        1900 Vernon Co Drywood Twp, MO Pg 200
         Joseph (son of William) UNDERWOOD family.
        1910 Vernon Co, Nevada City MO Pg 213
         Joseph (son of William) UNDERWOOD family.
        1920 Vernon Co, Nevada City MO Pg 94
         Joseph (son of William) UNDERWOOD family.
        Land Deeds; Ste.Genevieve Co;
        Valentine UNDERWOOD 15 OCT 1833, 7 NOV 1837, 1 NOV 1851
           (also 1 JUN 1845 in Bollinger Co MO)
        George W. UNDERWOOD 1 SEP 1859
        Marriage records, Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri : book "A"
          1807-1827 & 1842-1866
        Civil War records (George & William; film M380 roll 15)


* CHILD 2............... Thomas UNDERWOOD b 1797 Orange/Culpeper Co VA

 notes: Thomas was a co-patentee of brother Valentine in three land grants in
        Ste. Genevieve Co MO.


* CHILD 3............... Margaret UNDERWOOD b 1800 Orange/Culpeper Co VA
MARRIAGE................. unk STOCKDELL
DIED/PLACE/BURIAL........ abt 1830 KY


* CHILD 4............... Lucy UNDERWOOD b 1801 Orange/Culpeper Co VA
MARRIAGE................. Edmund MINOR 17 SEP 1784 Lunenburg Co VA
                                        b 1795 VA
                           son of Joseph MINOR and Elizabeth BAINES
DIED/PLACE/BURIAL........ 1876 Owen Co KY 
                          1. Martha     MINOR
                          2. Matthew F. MINOR b 1830 KY
                               m Elizabeth unk b 1835 KY
                                1. Kate MINOR b 1852 KY
                                2. Hattie MINOR b 1865 KY
                                3. William E.MINOR b 1868 KY
                          3. Jane       MINOR
                          4. G. C.      MINOR b 1837 KY
                               m Mary unk b 1838 KY
                                1. Victor    MINOR b 1862 KY
                                2. Perry     MINOR b 1864 KY
                                3. Churchill MINOR b 1867 KY
                          5. Edward     MINOR b 1838 KY
                          6. Churchill  MINOR b 1839 KY
                          7. Gideon     MINOR b 1842 KY
                          8. Adella (Dellie) MINOR b 1845 KY
                          9. Lorenzo D. MINOR

 notes: The Edmund MINOR family owned a large and successful farm in
        Owens County, KY. When Lucy's father Gideon passed, her mother
        Mary came to live with them.

        1820 Scott Co KY (Joseph and Elizabeth Baines)
        1830 Owen Co KY
        1860 Owen Co KY Pg 184
        1870 Owen Co KY Pg 245, Pg 248, Pg 255
        Owen Co KY Deeds


* CHILD 5.............. Catherine UNDERWOOD b 1802 Orange Co VA
MARRIED................. Tobias L WIGHT 1819 Franklin Co KY
                            b 1795 VA d JAN 1832 Fleming Co KY
                             son of James WIGHT and Jean (Jane)McCONCHIE
                                     b 1760 VA         b 1763
CHILD 5..CHILDREN........ 
                          1. Madison C. WIGHT b MAR 1820 Fleming KY
                                              d 1910 Garden City, Cass, MO
                          2. Mary Jane WIGHT  b 1822 Fleming KY
                          3. Margaret Elmira WIGHT b 1824 Fleming KY 
                          4. LouAnn WIGHT b 8 MAR 1828 Owenton Scott Co KY
                                          d 8 MAR 1910 Index Cass Co MO
                                m Edwin LUSBY 1849 Garden City, Cass MO
                                          b 11 SEP 1819 Owenton KY
                                          d 28 NOV 1907 Index, Cass MO
                                 1. William Fletcher LUSBY
                                               b 1851 Fleming KY
                                               d 29 OCT 1901 Garden City, Cass MO
                                 2. Franklin Pierce LUSBY
                                               b 11 OCT 1852 Owenton Owen Co KY
                                               d 26 DEC 1931 Nevada Vernon Co MO
                                      m Elizabeth Edelia HOLCOMB 26 OCT 1881 Cass Co MO
                                               b 11 SEP 1858 in Garden Cass Co MO 
                                       4 children
                                 3. Mary Addie LUSBY
                                               b 25 AUG 1855 Owenton, Owen KY
                                               d 3 APR 1936 Garden City, Cass MO
                                 4. James Madison LUSBY
                                               b 20 APR 1856 Owenton, Owen KY
                                               d 18 JAN 1929 Garned City, Cass MO

                          5. William WIGHT b 1829 Fleming KY
                          6. Thomas Fletcher WIGHT b 1831 Fleming KY

 notes: Lusby Family Tree, Lynn Lusby
        Cadwallader/Stockburger Family Tree, Juanita Harris


* CHILD 6............... James UNDERWOOD b 1804 VA
MARRIED................. Elizabeth KELLETT abt 1827
                              b abt 1807 TN d aft 1867
                             dau of Joseph KELLETT and Elizabeth unk
DIED/PLACE/BURIAL....... 11 NOV 1852 Lawrence Co AR
                            1. David UNDERWOOD b 1828 MO
                                 (Conf., 62nd Regiment, Arkansas Militia)
                            2. Jamison J (James) UNDERWOOD b 1831 AR
                                                           d 27 MAR 1862 Pocahontas AR
                                 (Conf., 2nd Lt., 17th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
                                  (Lemoyne's) and 21st Regiment, Ark Infantry (McCarver's)
                                 m Minerva LEDFORD b abt 1836 d abt 1869
                                  1. Joe UNDERWOOD b 1862

                            3. Martha Margaret UNDERWOOD b 1833 MO d 1886 AR
                                m Zachaeus RATLIFF 10 FEB 1848 Lawrence Co AR
                                                  b 11 AUG 1824 Onslow NC
                                                  d  3 SEP 1890 Lawrence Co AR
                                        both buried in Smithville AR
                                   (Conf., Pvt., 1st Ark Regt and Co F, 45th Ark Mtd Inf
                                    45, NC, 5' 6", gray eyes, dark hair, dark complexion)
                                   son of Elam RATLIFF
                                 1. Melissa Jane RATLIFF b 15 JUN 1849 d 21 JAN 1899
                                     m Amos J. BRATCHER
                                 2. Elizabeth RATLIFF b abt 1850 d bef 1860
                                 3. James S. RATLIFF b abt 1852 d abt 1888
                                      m1 Isabel JOHNSON
                                      m2 Emma Rebecca JUSTUS 1872 Lawrence Co AR
                                        1. J. Bascum RATLIFF b 1873
                                 4. Mary A.C.RATLIFF b abt 1854
                                 5. Carney Strong RATLIFF b 27 DEC 1855 d 21 FEB 1937
                                      m Laura Louella DEWROCK
                                       9 children
                                 6. David G.RATLIFF b MAR 1858 d abt 1917
                                      m Francis WEBB
                                       1. Daisy RATLIFF b 21 JUL 1881 d 1 SEP 1884
                                 7. John McAlexander RATLIFF b  6 JAN 1863 d 28 APR 1941
                                       m Susan CROWDEN 16 JUL 1891
                                 8. William Thomas RATLIFF b OCT 1860 d abt 1927
                                      m Harriet CAMPBELL
                                 9. Louisa Josephine RATLIFF b 25 AUG 1865 d 26 MAY 1950
                                     burial:Friendship Cem, Lawrence Co AR
                                    m Isaac Lonnie FRISBEE 10 MAY 1887 Lawrence Co AR
                                                        b 16 AUG 1867 MO
                                                        d  9 JAN 1930 Lawrence Co AR
                                     burial:Friendship Cem, Lawrence Co AR
                                       son of Isaac FRISBEE
                                10. Martha Frances RATLIFF b 23 NOV 1868 d 11 NOV 1949
                                      m1 Irvin FRISBEE
                                      m2 John WASHBURN
                                11. Amos John Edward RATLIFF b 17 MAR 1872 Randolph Co AR
                                                      d 17 APR 1948
                                      m1 Annie MASON 12 AUG 1893 Lawrence Co AR
                                        1. Ethel Bell RATLIFF 16 SEP 1894 Smithville AR
                                      m2 Minnie Oan DOTSON 29 SEP 1898 Lawrence Co AR
                                        8 children

                            4. Matilda Jane UNDERWOOD b 1834 MO
                                                      d aft 1870 Sharp Co AR
                                 m Johnson KELLETT 24 AUG 1859 Lawrence Co AR
                                                   b 1834 AR
                                   son of Bryant B.KELLETT and Darcas HALLIBURTON
                                           b 1807 TN      b 1809 NC
                                   (Matilda and Johnson were second cousins.
                                    Johnson was a Private, Co E 1st Ark Mounted Rifles
                                   (Confederate) enr JUN 1861 Ft Smith AR, dis 9 SEP 1861
                                    into Freemans Regt., MO Cavalry)
                                  1. James   B.KELLETT b 1862 AR
                                  2. Johnson P.KELLETT b 1864 AR
                                  3. Darcas  J.KELLETT b 1866 AR (f)
                                  4. Mary    J.KELLETT b 1867 AR
                                  5. Louisetta KELLETT b unk

                            5. Thomas UNDERWOOD b 1837 AR
                                 (Conf., Pvt., 1st Regiment, Co E, Arkansas Mounted Rifles
                                  enr 9 Jul 1861 Ft Smith, AR-
                                  Roll of Honor for Battle of Murfreesboro)
                            6. Sarah A.E. UNDERWOOD b 1841 AR

 note:  James Underwood enlisted in the Mexican War on June 18, 1846 in Smithville,
       Lawrence County, Arkansas. He was in Co C ARK Batt Infantry & Mounted Rifles
       as a Private.

        James received a land patent from the US Government in Lawrence County,
       Arkansas on 5 SEP 1842 as a cash entry sale.

        James' Will was administered on 24 Nov 1852 in Lawrence Co, AR. He is listed
       as a Captain and was known in his family as Captain James Underwood. This Will
       and a Letter of Administration is on file at the Lawrence County Courthouse in
       Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. The Letter of Administration states that he died on
       11 Nov 1852.

        After James' death, Elizabeth lived on her small farm in Strawberry Twp,
       along with son Thomas and daughter Sarah. Daughter Matilda lived next door with
       her husband Johnson KELLETT. On 1 MAY 1860, second son James had received a land
       patent in Yell Co AR.

        Zach RATLIFF moved to Lawrence County, Tennessee with his father, Elam, in 1834.
       He left Tennessee with two friends in 1842, and finally settled in Lawrence Co, AR
       near Strawberry. When he was drafted into the Arkansas Cavalry, in 1845, he was a
       Blacksmith, and his job was to keep shoes on all the horses.

        In 1848, he was married to Martha Margaret Underwood, and they had 11 children.
       He taught all his boys to be Blacksmiths. To be a Blacksmith was an honorable

       1840 Census, Lawrence Co AR
         James UNDERWOOD and Bryant KELLETT families
          112001/021101       11002/12001001
       1850 Census, Lawrence Co AR Strawberry Twp
        (next to brother John Jameson UNDERWOOD)
       1860 Census, Lawrence Co AR Strawberry Twp, Pg 322, 332
       1870 Census, Sharp Co AR, North Twp (Johnson KELLETT)
       Bureau of Land Management-General Land Office Records
       Marriage Book A2, Lawrence Co AR (Underwood-Ratliff)
       Sharp Co Record (newspaper)


* CHILD 7.............. John Jameson UNDERWOOD b 1812 Orange/Culpepper Co VA
MARRIED................. Lusanna (Lou) A. Pickney b unk d Sept 1850 Madison/Lawrence MO
DIED/PLACE/BURIAL....... 1861 Lawrence AR
CHILD 7..CHILDREN........ 2 children


Sources: 1810 Madison Co VA, Pg 711
          Underwood, Gideon 111-1 1111- -9
         1820 Franklin Co, Lawrenceburg Twp KY, Pg 76
          Gideon Underwood 11---1 --1-1-
         see Underwood History