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History of Richard Vernon


Richard Vernon served three tours of duty with the Militia of Guilford County, North Carolina, as a lieutenant. During his third tour of duty he participated in an expedition against the Cherokees. On this expedition he had four horses and a wagon in service, and he conducted the sick and wounded home at the conclusion of the expedition.

In 1780, he marched with Capt. Bethel's company to Monk's Corner near Charleston, South Carolina, and participated in the battle during which the American forces were routed by the British under Gen. Tarlton.

In August 1780, Richard Vernon became a captain and commanded a company assigned to disperse a body of Tories on the Yadkin River. Twice during the year of 1781, he was commissioned to raise a company of mounted infantry for the purpose of apprehending delinquent Tories and deserters and to collect provisions for the American troops. He served again in this capacity in 1782 until peace was declared.

Some of those who served in Capt. Vernon's company were Turbeville Barnes, Lewis Thomas, Jesse Thomas, Joel Thomas, John Field, Nathaniel Scales, John Gibson, William Gibson, Edward Johnson, Gustavus Hill, Leonard Barker, Henry Grogan, George Joyce, James Joyce, Isham Rice, James Hill, James Vernon, Robert Vernon, Christopher Comer, and James Comer. Several of them also came to Williamson County.

Location to Williamson County, Tennessee: Richard Vernon's son Green Vernon was the first of the family to come to Williamson County, Tennessee. He settled at Nolensville and became a cabinet maker. His house still stands on Sam Donald Road just west of the village of Nolensville. Almost all of the children of Richard Vernon came to Williamson County over a period of several years. Richard Vernon, himself, did not come to Williamson County until 1825. He settled west of Nolensville in an area still known as Vernon Hollow. Several Vernon descendants still live in the area.

Place of burial: Richard Vernon died July 24, 1840, and is buried in the Vernon family cemetery on Vernon Road west of Nolensville. His tombstone bears the inscription:

"Richard Vernon a soldier of the Revolution, son of James and Ellen Vernon, born October 18, 1758, died July 24, 1840, First a private lastly a captain and was a bold and brave soldier in the sacred cause of freedom. He is worthy of all honor in life and his memory will be cherished with respect by all who knew him."